Mahesh Pandey

Mahesh Pandey lives in Kanpur and has been with ‘Asha Parivar’ since 1994. He has been working in the field of education. He runs a hostel for the children of migrant labourers. Mahesh’s effort on understanding the issues of children of migrant labourers by living and working with them at Apna Ghar (residential home) as part of the Ek Kadam effort has borne some initial successes. The twelve children from brick kiln migrant labor slums currently at the Apna Ghar facility are becoming aware and involved citizens with regular participation in community issues in addition to accumulating a good academic record.

Under NREGA, Mahesh acquired work for labourers in BIllauhr, Kanpur. Other works include filing application and FIR (in cases of fight) in case labourers did not receive payment of their work.

Mahesh has been with Sandeep Pandey in all the movements including the ‘Peace march’ from Delhi to Multan.

Mahesh has a brother and a sister along with his parents in his family. He met Sandeep Pandey while studying in his village. Sandeep had started a school there. Mahesh taught in the school for a while and worked under education until 1996.

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