Mandira Chakraborty

Mrs. Chakraborty has been with the ‘ASha Parivar’ since 2009. Under education, she used to monitor all the centers but now she mainly concentrates on the Gandhinagar center. She taught kids there for a while. She also provides parent and kid counseling, encouraging them to send their children to school continuously. Then she started the Prerna program for the children. Teachers report to her on a weekly basis about the progress of the children. Jaipuria also became associated with the schooling program.

Her main aim, presently, is to improve the conditions of ‘Ghulam Hussain Purva Prathmik Vidyalaya’ and bring it up to the required standards.

Mrs. Chakraborty was a school teacher throughout her life and retired in the year 2009.  She began her career in 1968 and taught continuously for twenty years. After her retirement she met Sandeep Pandey at Lucknow Management Association’s club. Impressed by his talks, she joined ASHA.

She lives at Lucknow with her husband, son, daughter-in-law and a granddaughter. She also has a daughter who is married and settled.

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