Rajni Saxena

Mrs. Saxena lives in Lucknow and has been with the ‘Asha Parivar’ for almost five years now. Under the education work she used to assist Mrs. Gulati, Mrs. Dubey and Mrs. Chakraborty. Financers from Banaras contact her and all types of payments (like transport, uniforms, school fees, etc.) are made through her account. Mrs. Saxena maintains the accounts of Asha.

Initially, Mrs. Saxena gave training to the teachers for two years. She groomed and helped them academically. She used to lecture 12-14 teachers for 3-4 hours after their school at Sandeep Pandey’s house. Mrs. Saxena is family friend and next door neighbor to Sandeep Pandey. This is how she came in contact with the ‘Asha Parivar’.

Address: A-895, Indira Nagar, Lucknow

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