Loan for Urban Poor

Last November residents of Gandhinagar slum, Lucknow were forced to vacate their homes since Hospital Building was to be constructed there. After protest by Dr Sandeep Pandey, Asha Parivar & Socialist Party – India, Government gave an option to relocate under housing for urban poor scheme. However slum residents did not have enough money to avail this facility.
An appeal to make donations for this cause was launched and a community among the slum residents was formed, “Socialist Mazdoor Sabha”,to manage loan disbursement.
Today many families have availed this interest free loan and have got their own homes in Dubagga, Lucknow. People are re-paying their loans, this fund is being used by the community on heath care and other needs. The decisions and loan disbursement takes place in open meetings in a democratic way.
100% donations made for this are utilized for the cause. There is no overhead cost.
Details of Loans & Donations can be found below. These details are also available with Munna Lal ji (stone cutter) – Working Committee – President