Advertise with us

Advertising with our publications is a way in which your organisation can support our work. The advertising rates are:

Back page, colour                                                                              Rs.4000
Printing colour advertisement on envelope                                 Rs.2000
Inner front and back cover, colour                                                  Rs.20,000
Full page, colour                                                                                Rs.20,000
Half page, colour                                                                                Rs.15,000
Quarter page, colour                                                                          Rs.10,000
Full page, b & w                                                                                 Rs.6000
Half page, b & w                                                                                 Rs.4000
Quarter page, b & w                                                                           Rs.3000
1/8th of page, b & w                                                                          Rs.1000

If you wish to advertise in either of our publications, please send us a message, and we will get back to you with more details.

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