Communal Harmony

In the past few decades, fascist and communal forces have gained considerable strength in India and religious intolerance is becoming more widespread. It is important that ordinary people not be mislead by the ideologically bankrupt, power-seeking political and religious outfits which promote such thinking. For this we need to build a strong counter-movement which appeals to people’s humanity and promotes religious harmony. Asha has been part of peace marches held in various parts of the country such as in Gujarat following the communal violence which engulfed the state in 2002 and from Chitrakoot to Ayodhya in the same year. Asha also participated in the India-Pakistan peace march from Delhi to Multan in 2005, and ‘Aman ke Badhte Qadam’, an Indo-Pak peace caravan, which started from Mumbai on July 2010 , and concluded successfully in Lahore.

Asha Parivar works closely with Rihai Manch, a Lucknow based forum for the release of innocent muslims imprisoned under false charges of terrorism.

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